Establishment of Centres for Competence and Employability Development

Co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
Project workgroup represented by twelve universities operating in the EU, Russia and Kazakhstan


About Complete

Project Outline

The COMPLETE project is aimed at encouraging employability and fostering interaction between higher educational institutions and employers by establishing CCEDs - Centres for Competence and Employability Development.

The workgroup involved in project development is represented by twelve universities operating in Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Implementation of the COMPLETE project implies addressing a number of general and specific long-term and short-term goals.

Wider Objectives

The project's general intent

To reinforce employability development in compliance with Bologna process requirements

To establish Centres for Competence and Employability Development (CCEDs)

To implement workshops and courses for different target groups and stakeholders

To promote CCEDs in Common Education Space of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan

Specific Objectives

The project's mission

To analyse graduates’ employability at national, regional and institutional levels in Russia and Kazakhstan

To consolidate the concept of CCEDs based on national, regional and institutional standards

To pilot CCEDs at higher educational institutions

To develop modules, workshops and activities targeted at C&E development

To evaluate quality assurance and disseminate project outcomes

CCEDs Interactive Map

To navigate through the geography of CCEDs supported by the Complete project, please visit our interactive map

Interactive Map of CCEDs