Establishment of Centres for Competence and Employability Development

Co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
Project workgroup represented by twelve universities operating in the EU, Russia and Kazakhstan


About CCED

CCED Concept, Challenges and Key Activities


CCED Basic Concept

The COMPLETE project offers a CCED Concept elaborated in view of the conditions observed in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Concept also relies on the analysis of best European practices.

The CCED Concept offers different activities intended for various target groups.

The Concept brings a focus on diverse categories of competencies in view of the changes taking place in the labour market.


Key challenges associated with CCEDs

Promoting young students' employment, adapting graduates and students to the labour market.

Ensuring efficient interaction and coordination of the Centre’s activities and departments in determining ways to transform and streamline all types of activities aimed at competence development.

Providing assistance in implementing the requirements of state and federal educational standards and curricula regulating the activities associated with BA and MA students' competence and employment potential development.

Summarising the experience of cooperation between universities and enterprises, organisations, institutions to ensure students' practical training, as well as their employment.

Providing enterprises and organisations with an opportunity to search for and employ highly qualified specialists.


Key activities of CCEDs

Providing consultations, as well as information and analysis support to clarify graduates' competence models and develop necessary methodological documentation, drafts of local regulations and other documents that might be required.

Developing and implementing additional vocational education programmes in the sphere of competence development and labour potential (professional retraining, continuing education).

Issuing standardised supporting documents for different target groups.

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