Establishment of Centres for Competence and Employability Development

Co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
Project workgroup represented by twelve universities operating in the EU, Russia and Kazakhstan


Project Events

Institutional monitoring at Don State Technical University

Don State Technical University
June 05, 2019

On June 5, 2019, institutional monitoring of TEMPUS IV and ERASMUS+ projects was held at DSTU. Among the monitored projects was «Establishment of Centers for Competence and Employability Development» (COMPLETE) project.

The monitoring was carried out by the National Erasmus + Office in Russia representatives: Dr. Anna Muravyeva, Deputy Director, and Dr. Julia Redina, manager of NEO Russia.

Project implementation reports were made by Irina Maevskaya, Head of DSTU International Education Office, Elena Chernysheva, Head of DSTU International Projects Management Department, and Konstantin Polyakov, acting director of DSTU Centre for Competence and Employability Development (CCED DSTU).

NEO Russia representatives analyzed documents and materials developed in the frames of the project, evaluated the quality of CCED DSTU teaching and training services: educational courses, trainings, master classes, consultations available for students, graduates, Co-working «Garaж» residents and academic staff, and made their recommendations on the further sustainable development of the project. The outputs of COMPLETE project were recognized as “best practices” recommended for application in other Russian universities as model ones.

In addition to the monitoring session NEO Russia experts visited DSTU industrial co-working center “Garaж”, the "South region – DSTU" Mediapark and DSTU cultural and exhibition center "Don Cossack Guard". The experts appreciated the activity of the Rostov region flagship university.

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COMPLETE Project Final International Conference

Narxoz University (Kazakhstan)
September 18, 2018

On September 17-19, 2018 the final international conference “New approaches to training: Higher education as a process for developing employment potential” within the framework of the project ‘Establishment of Centers of Competence and Employability Development’ (COMPLETE) financed by the Erasmus + program took place at Narxoz University (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

The participants were the representatives from partner HEIs in Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Kazakhstan and Russia. The results of DSTU CCED activities were presented by I. Maevskaya, Chief of International education department, E. Chernysheva, Head of the International Projects Management Department, and K. Polyakov, Director of the Center of Competence and Employability Development.

For three years of the project realization the international team of partners has been working on the project objectives achievement: person-oriented universal competencies models aimed to increase students’ and graduates’ employability, were developed according to national and regional labor market needs. The development was based on European best practices in this field. The centers were established at universities in Russia and Kazakhstan. Educational modules, trainings and materials were produced for various target groups, a pool of experts in the field of employability was prepared, modern educational methods and tools for universal competences development are applied in CCEDs activities.

The meeting was opened by Dr Andrew Wachtel, Narxoz University Rector. The presentations were made by Viktoria Tsay, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and International Affairs of Narxoz University, Marianna Gevorsky, COMPLETE project coordinator, Zarina Chikibayeva, Head of Analysis and Methodology Department of Bologna Process Office in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Marina Skiba, Head of Expert Council of IARA, representatives of ERASMUS+ National Office in Kazakhstan, employers and all the partner universities.

In conclusion, the consortium discussed the conference results, expressed their satisfaction with the joint work within the COMPLETE project, discussed the CCEDs’ sustainability after the project ends, planned their further cooperation within the framework of other Erasmus+ projects.

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Monitoring meeting at Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz

Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz (Kazakhstan)
June 23, 2018

June 23, 2018 Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz hosted final project monitoring.

Narxoz University representatives took part in the monitoring.

Withing the monitoring project results and deliverables for the past period were presented.

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Conference at DSTU: "Driving the regional economy: New universities' tools and technologies"

Don State Technical University (Rostov-on-Don)
May 28-29, 2018

May 28-29, Don State Technical University hosted a conference titled “Driving the regional economy: New universities’ tools and technologies”. The flagship university welcomed lead Erasmus+ experts from Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Latvia, UK, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

International experts met to discuss two projects supported by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme: “Establishment of Centres for Competence and Employability Development (Complete)” and “European Dimension in Qualifications for the Tourist Sector (EurDiQ)”. The participants represented European and Asian universities, as well as business and governmental bodies of the Rostov region.

“We need to jointly establish the educational and cultural agenda of our countries” – noted DSTU Rector Besik Meskhi. “I hope that joint international projects will bring about positive changes in both the university and the region, turning into a cornerstone for productive university-enterprise collaboration.”

Conference programme extended to presentations of models and best practices in implementing network educational programmes, as well as roundtable discussions dealing with the issues of university-enterprise cooperation and establishment of regional centres for competence development. One of the training workshops was held by the Head of SJEC Ltd. educational consultancy, Dean of the School of Business and Law at London Metropolitan University Dr Simon Jones, who spotlighted competence development centres operating in the UK.

“Today, international agenda is focused upon better efficiency of practice-oriented learning, and no such thing will be conceivable should education, business and authorities fail to cooperate. The government of the Rostov region seeks to create conditions for the development of higher education, which makes an important contribution to the region’s economy”, – said Evgeni Mamichev, Vice Minister for Economic Development of the Rostov region.

In the course of two days, international experts discussed best practices in training highly qualified human resources for the regions, the new forms of university-enterprise cooperation, innovative models of network collaboration. According to the hosts of the event, the issues considered at the conference are crucial for the development of higher education and will ultimately shape the transformation of our universities into regional development centres.

In the course of the conference, training workshops were held by Yianna Orphanidou and Dr Melpo Iacovidou (University of Nicosia, Cyprus), as well as Dr Simon Jones (external expert, UK).

The second day of the conference was marked by a planned meeting on Complete project, supervised by Dr Simon Jones. The external expert assessed the functioning of CCEDs based on presentations delivered by project partners.

Following the training workshops, all participants were awarded with certificates.

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Monitoring meeting at Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography

Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (Moscow)
September 8, 2017

Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography hosted a monitoring meeting in the framework of COMPLETE.

The meeting was held by the representatives of Russian Erasmus+ Office and registered progress made in the intervening period.

Intermediate project monitoring is a mandatory project procedure designed to assess current results and identify challenges to be eliminated.

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Project training at Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz

Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz (Kazakhstan)
August 22-23, 2017

The event was held within the frameworks of Erasmus+ project realisation COMPLETE - Establishment of Centres for Competence and Employability Development on August 22-23, 2017.

Successful graduates' employment with respect to their qualification is a matter of discussion at the state level in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Kazakhstan, however, the systematic approach on this problem solution has not been developed yet. There is a lack of SPs to encourage employability and foster interaction between Higher Education Institution and employers.

COMPLETE project realisation is aimed to changing the current situation through Centres for Competence and Employability Development (CCED) establishment.

On the first day of trainings the representatives of Russian and Kazakhstan HEIs presented the CCEDs which are already in operation in the corresponding universities. European Commission experts have given their recommendations regarding functions widening of the established CCEDs taking into account European best practices.

Representatives from University of Maribor and Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus Athens have presented detailed description of the CCEDs established at those HEIs and gave their recommendations to Russian and Kazakhstan partners.

Dr., prof. David Hind has delivered his lecture devoted to competences and employability development in HEIs using as good examples the universities in Europe and Asia where he works as visiting professor.

The second day was devoted to the workshop Development of employability skills. The participants have acquired practical skills in study programmes development taking into account competences and employability development.

Afterwards the trainings participants have discussed the project realisation, its dissemination activities and defined the next steps.

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Project training at the University of Maribor

University of Maribor (Slovenia)
March 21-24, 2017

On March 21-24, 2017, University of Maribor (Republic of Slovenia) hosted a training in the framework of the COMPLETE project.

On the first day of the training Prof. Dr. Petra Lippegaus-Grunau, Institute for Vocational Training, Labour Market and Social Policy GmbH (Berlin), made a presentation “Competence orientation in training and teaching - concepts and good practices”. She also introduced experience and main achievements of INBAS Center for career guidance and competence and employability development to project consortium representatives.

Career Center of University of Maribor specialist Mojca Slana presented educational programmes, developed under their Center’s supervision. In these programmes student oriented model of learning is widely applied ensuring diverse upskilling of trainees and formation of high level universal and entrepreneurial competences in them.

Afterwards partners from Russia and Kazakhstan presented their concepts of Centers for Competence and Employability Development, which are planned to open or are already operating at partner-country universities.

In the following days project meeting participants were involved in workshops for academic staff aiming at acquainting and practicing main tools and methods for new study programmes development and modernization of existing ones through integration of employability enhancing competences into study process. As examples of good practices there were presented a model-structure of a study programme realized at the “Mathematics” Chair, University of Maribor (by Prof. Maja Fošner) and Heidelberger Model (by Dietmar Chur).

In the end of the training representatives of all universities took part in a business-game “Planning and presenting of CCED services and activities” where they could get practical skills in promoting Center’s services at the educational market.

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Consortium meeting at Piraeus University of Applied Sciences

Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Greece)
September 19-22, 2016

On September 19-22, 2016 consortium universities’ representatives met at Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Greece) in the framework of the international educational Erasmus + project “Establishment of Centers for Competence and Employability Development” (COMPLETE).

Consortium members presented Institutional Reports on employability based on analyses conducted by each university among three target groups (students, graduates, employers) through survey and interviews.

Besides partners provided SWOT analyses for CCED implementation at their institutions.

At Greece meeting National Reports of Russia and Kazakhstan on employability have been approved. In addition participants negotiated a basic CCED model, which could be adjusted by each university individually to fit into the regional environment.

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Training workshop at Fachhochschule des Mittelstands

Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (Germany)
May 17-21, 2016

May 17 - 21, 2016 consortium universities’ representatives attended the workshop organized in Bielefeld (Germany) by Fachhochschule des Mittelstands. During the workshop the Survey results have been discussed.

The Survey was held at the first stage of the project among students, graduates and employers to define range of competences ensuring competitiveness at the labour market.

Draft version of analytical National Reports of Russia and Kazakhstan on employability have been presented along with a CCED model.

Workshop participants have discussed efficient models of similar centers existing at the University of Münster (Germany), University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), University of Maribor (Slovenia), Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus (Greece).

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Kick-off meeting at Voronezh State University

Voronezh State University (Russia)
November 23-26, 2015

On November 23-26, 2016 Consortium representatives of the international educational Erasmus + project “Establishment of Centers for Сompetence and Employability Development”(COMPLETE) from Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Kazakhstan and Russia took part in the Kick-off meeting at Voronezh State University.

The extensive labour market research is foreseen in the framework of the project aiming to work out methods of enhancing graduates’ employability in Russia and Kazakhstan followed by establishment of Centers for Competence and Employability Development at Partner country universities which will become a platform for interaction between employers and job applicants (students and graduates) in different forms: workshops, internships, tutoring, mentoring etc.

The Kick-off meeting is a chance for project participants to present general information about specialization of their universities, discuss concepts and approaches for employability development and creating individual competence models.

The main aim of the event was to discuss a project road map and strategy for project work packages realization ensuring sustainable and quality implementation of innovative approaches in employability development.

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